Best Wet Dry Vac in Jan 2017 – Wet Dry Vac Reviews

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Wet Dry Vacuums are not only for flooded and wet place but also suitable for all of areas and situations. You can use the handy vacuums in the garage, outside and in the house for every job. Besides, this device also handles all the broken glass around no matter where it is. With these advantages, getting a wet dry vacuum is ideal. However, in the market, there are so many products with different branches and styles. To help you find the best wet dry vacuum to buy, the article gives some advice.

1. Shop-Vac 9633400

The shop-Vac 9633400 is an excellent choice for you both for wet and dry pickup. No matter where you clean, basement or vehicles, the device can satisfy you with a capacity of 12 gallons and motor of 6.6 Hp. Another plus of the branch is the handle on the top; you can bring it easily, and accessory holder keeps all of the accessories together. Therefore, you never mind about losing accessories.
In addition, the rugged tank is durable, heavy-duty plastic. The 18ft power cord and handles make for easy use. You will be satisfied with this product.

2. Vacmaster VBV1210
The vacmaster VBV1210 is two- in- one tool: a wet dry vacuum and leaf blower. Therefore, this product will be an advantage product in your house. The large 12-gallon tank and an extra drain can help you clean fast and easy.
There are also eight handy accessories that company to the blower and other vacuum functions. Besides, the power cord is 12 meters so that you can move around more than other models with 6 or 8 meters.

3. VacMasterVF408

Another product in this list is VacMasterVF408. The feature of this product is industrial motor that the vacuum has makes it quieter and provide great suction and last longer than others. The plus of this product is its lightweight and portable. Besides, the triple filtration and an 18-foot cord is also a good feature for you.
The Vacmaster VF408 has a 4-gallon tank and HEPA filter with a dust bag which helps the device prevent from flowing back out into the room.

4. The Shop-Vac 5986000

The product is a stainless steel wet dry vacuum. Some advantages of this vacuum are lightweight and powerful enough for daily cleaning tasks in a house. The product is every versatile; it can be used for wet dry vacuum and even blower.
It has a 5-gallon capacity which it will use to keep all of the wet and dry debris. The stylish and sleek tank has easy rolling casters which allow maneuverability and stability.

5. ArmorAll AA255

In the list, ArmorAll AA255 is specifically designed to clean to clean the interior of the car. Unlike other, it has no wheels, so it is a little bit hard for you to carry. However, the weight is over 8 pound, but a shoulder strap can help you operate easily. Besides, it has the only 2.5-gallon tank. It is quite small and convenient, so you can handle both wet and dry pickup and comes with other attachment. Therefore, although how massive your room is, you just need some minutes to clean everything.

In this article, there is five vacuum that you can choose for your family. I hope through the information of different kinds of vacuum; you can get a best one.

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