Choosing your mattress – The Ultimate Guide

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We all spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Choosing your mattress is therefore essential to stay fit. To help you understand this, we recommend that you carefully study 3 key criteria:
• The quality of the suspension: foam, latex or springs
• The firmness, which must be adapted to your morphology
• The comfort of reception

The quality of the suspension
As a certified Beautiful Bedding manufacturer, we do not favor one technology over another. We select the best of each subject, with their specificities and advantages.
Latex mattress
The latex is a naturally elastic material, which has a high capacity to deform without altering in time, in contrast to polyurethane foam. The firmness varies according to its density, which can range from 60 kg / m3 to 85 kg / m3. To ensure the quality and longevity of your latex mattress, it is preferable to choose a mattress labeled 100% latex and containing a minimum of 20% natural latex. For a natural comfort, with a lifespan of more than 15 years, opt for mattress 100% latex of natural origin.
Spring mattresses
Prefer a mattress with pocket springs that make up the top of the springs: each spring is independent to guarantee you an excellent independence of sleeping. To compare a spring mattress, you can use the number of springs: 682 pocket springs for a mattress 140×190, it is a priori more support points differentiated than 588 springs only. The mattresses with pocket springs are rather of firm comfort, even very firm.

Ghostbed vs tuft & needle of our range also have the Combizone technology, an improved version of the pocket springs with 7 differentiated comfort zones. These mattresses offer a very large number of springs (1272 springs for a 140×190), spread over 7 zones in order to better relieve the lumbar area, shoulders and legs.

Foam or memory foam mattresses

Instead, polyurethane foam is the entry-level mattress, and is recommended for extra bedding. To offer very affordable prices while offering a bedding quality conforming to the label Belle Bedding, we combine the foam with other noble materials such as latex (ROMA) or memory foam (VENUS). The result is a very good value for money for a first purchase or a tight budget.

The real high-end memory foam is recognized by its very high density: between 80 and 85 kg / m3 minimum. The leaders in this field are the big brands like Tempur or Swissconfort, but it is possible to acquire the same quality at more affordable prices. High-density memory foam originates from the medical environment, originally to prevent the formation of pressure sores. It allows you to completely lighten the compression points thanks to a gradual sinking of your body and provides an unparalleled sensation of weightlessness. Memory foam is able to relieve your back or joint problems.

Be careful, if you are hot at night or sweat a lot, you should favor a memory foam sufficiently honeycomb like the CLIMA present in our range on VITAFORM (memory foam version) or KINEO. Otherwise, prefer a latex mattress or spring, much more breathable.

The firmness adapted to your morphology
Why choose firm or flexible support?
Back pain or not, support, firmness is an essential element to choose your mattress well.
The support of the body on a mattress is ensured by the suspension, by the core of the mattress. Support ranges from supple (or balanced) to very firm. To find your firmness index according to your morphology.
Be careful not to take a mattress too soft. For back pain, it is better to have rather firm support. If in doubt, choose the higher firmness index.

Note that it is also possible to have a mattress with customized comfort thanks to the VITAFORM technology. It is comfort à la carte, to choose from the 4 comforts offered. It is even possible to have a distinct comfort for each sleeper, and this in a single mattress, without necessarily costing more.

To make sure you make the right choice, you can go to the store and try different mattresses, even if you will have difficulty making the distinction in a few minutes, with shoes and clothes.

The best is still to benefit from a guarantee like that of the 30 nights on trial – satisfied or refunded – that we propose, making sure to be precise the conditions of implementation. If you need to bring the mattress yourself or if you do not receive a refund, it is more complicated to take advantage of.

The comfort of reception

The feeling of comfort of reception depends mainly on the lining of the tray (what is between the surface of the mattress and the heart of the mattress).
The mattress padding is not an element of support unlike the suspension, it is an element of comfort. We will especially feel the difference during the reception, it allows to sleep well and is paramount for the quality of the mattress.

The quality of the packing is essential to avoid the compaction of the materials used and the premature appearance of a cuvette effect. The combination of compact materials such as silk or cotton should be favored, with more soft materials such as cotton wool and wool. Certification labels such as Belle Bedie or CTB guarantee the quality of materials used.

Summer face – Winter face: it is the trim that will make the difference between the winter face and the summer face of your mattress. In general, a layer of wool is added on the winter side to allow a better conservation of the heat.

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