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You have seen the 18650 battery that has a line rating of 35A, 40A, or even 60A rated currents. These batteries sound like a perfect choice for mech mods or high power mode boxes. But there is another big problem for this. Until January 2016, there is no 18650 battery that can carry 30A for vaper use (Whether it is the best 18650 battery).
Norm is not limited to the capacity of the battery:

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There is a lot of confusion regarding the battery level and the current you can see through the vape. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the rating does not specify the maximum current that a battery can deliver. The current rating, for example, is 20A from the Samsung 25R, which specifies the maximum current. You can continuously draw from the battery during each discharge while maintaining the life of the battery and not overheating it. Any type of battery can use higher intensity than this norm, especially electrical impulses when we are vape. Current norms are important indicators to compare batteries together. Knowing the true current norms of each type of battery is the only way for us to know what kind of better use. You can treat it as a basic indicator of performance. You can go through manufacturer norms, but this index allows you to easily select the battery that best suits you in the multitude of batteries available on the market.

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More information

In the world, only some companies are involved in battery manufacturing. It takes thousands of dollars to start producing a normal battery. ”
So where do all the different batteries we see come from? They have two main sources:
– Battery Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG wrap.
– The battery is made from Chinese manufacturers.
1. Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG batteries are wrapped
The thin plastic class wrapped around the battery is a sheath.
The wrapped battery is a peeled off-core cell wrapped in a new class. Small companies buy batteries, bundle them, increase their power and capacity, and even charge and sell these batteries as high-capacity batteries. So how do we know the norm of the battery has been magnified?
“Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG’s highest rated current is 30A.”
Those companies are re-wrapping the batteries purchased but the batteries we can buy with fake cheap remain the original class of the manufacturer, so why buy it? As far as I am aware, apart from more specific reasons, these are the best batteries we can find. But if you like the new class and accept the high price, it is up to you. These low-quality batteries do not work as well as the high-end models that the four big companies hold on to the market.

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2. Batteries are manufactured in China
There has been a wave of new batteries entering the market targeted at vape this year. Many types are not batteries that are recycled from Big 4’s batteries. They are manufactured by companies in China. Two examples are Aspire 18650 1800mAH and 2500mAh batteries. They are manufactured by the energy company Long De Li, a subsidiary of Aspire. If we do not use batteries from the Big4, how do we know the current rating of 35A or higher is magnified? There are two ways, one is the trial. I have tried a lot of batteries that are supposed to have current ratings higher than 30A, but none of them can beat the 25A rating. The second way is to look at the batteries manufactured by Big4. They are big companies, can devote a large amount of capital for the research and development of batteries. If they do not make a battery rated above 30A, then it’s hard to believe that smaller companies can do this. Can it be considered as a solid evidence? Probably not. But right now, there is not 18650 battery has a current rating of over 30A.

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