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After a long period, your longboard will be busy and silver color and can rust. So the wheel and your bearings are relatively easy to disassemble and to some chemicals used for cleaning. When your longboard from dirt, it will not be pretty when used to play. So, you should clean to become the best beginner longboard. Click to read step.

Step 1: Clean the drive was

Remove the pieces of plywood. Use a razor blade to carefully wedge in the middle of the shield bearing and the bearing edge, and push the blade down to pry shield slowly.

While gently remove dirt, you do not want to hurt the board and can not mount it back to its original
– Some bearings have a shield, while others have the shield on both sides. Soak with water bearings dedicated cleaners will clean better. Only use a gentle detergent such as lemon, orange. Do not use detergents stronger activity. A cleaning kit longboard can be found in most of the sliding door, and they basically allow you to soak the bearings in a fashion easier and more manageable.

To bring cleaning kits, you can shake the vial to dispense the cleaning solution.
– Spray the bearings:
– Spraying bearings, just keep a longboard between your fingers and spray washes clean up all of the drive shafts.
– The mild detergent will not damage the bearings
– After you complete and return boarding spray, use a dry rag to wipe soft skis
– Soak the bearings: Soak with lemon and drop the bearings into the sink.
– The bearings should be completely submerged in pure lemon juice.
– Allow the bearings to soak in lemon juice for about 5 minutes and then rinse with clean water to them from the dust. Rotary bearings to ensure the entire bearing has been exposed to the cleaning solution.
– Use a soft cloth to wipe off any remaining dirt and dry longboard

Step 2: Longboard wheels hygiene
Remove the wheel from the longboard. Longboard rotate over so it is resting on the deck, with the wheels facing up. Keep all wheel material together in one place so you can easily find and attach them later.
Remove the bearings from the wheels of the longboard

Once you have removed the wheels from longboard, use the metal bar that is attached to the wheel, to lift up the bearings from the wheels. Place the cake at the end of the shaft longboard so little metal rods inserted through the wheel, to bring the first.

Allows the crane to catch on to carry, and drag the top of the wheel away from the longboard. When the board is removed from one side of the wheel, using the same techniques curious to remove the other bearing on the other side of the wheel.

Repeat this process for all the wheels.
Keep skateboard bearings and wheels separated.
– If you can manage to remove the bearings in this way, you can also try using a screwdriver to pry out.
– Simply hold the edges of the wheel in front of you, head screwdriver inserted in front of the wheels, screwdriver and pull to the side to release the carrier.
– When you remove the bearings from the wheel, a bearing spacer will fall off from the center of the wheel
– Keep this in a safe place so that you can reassemble the wheels and bearings back.
Use a rag to wipe the surface clean of all wheels. Use a broom to clean the dirt mini can be dipped in water and detergent to remove dirt clean.

Add detergent to the water and dip all the wheels with soapy water, and allow them to soak for about 10 minutes.
– Make sure you’re soaking the wheels of your longboard, not the bearings.
Remove the wheel from the soapy water and use a soft rag or soft bristled toothbrush gently scrub the wheels and remove any dirt and debris.

Once all the wheels were cleaned gently, use a paper towel to dry off the wheel completely. After both bearings and wheels are kept clean, insert bearings back into the wheels. Insert a bearing on one side of the wheel and use your fingers to put it into place.

Then, turn the wheel on the cake bottom into place.
Do this for all the bearings and wheel your turn. Because dust can be trapped in any small corner, be sure to clean the inside of the wheel along with the external surface.

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