How to learn English by yourself?

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You are English beginners and want to find an effective way? You have learned English for few years but can not speak with any foreigners? Here we are! You are in the right place to find the last answer.

In fact, many students in school have learned English for many years, but they can not communicate with the native, even they always get a high mark in English. So what is the problem in their learning process? They are not hard enough? My answer is no. The problem places on their learning method. Reading a big book and focus on Grammar is not a good way to help them improve English skill. So is there any better method to learn English as well as any languages? This writing will show you some rules for learning not only English, but also any language in over the world. Are you ready?

1 Learn phrases
What is the first thing you do when reading a text? Learning vocabulary? Yes, every student has a list of vocabulary and then they try to learn by heart word by word. Stop it! The native speakers never learn language by remembering separated d word. They learn to speak a group or phrase of words. Using the group of word is the way you can speak natively.

According to Dr. James Asher, learning a group or phrase helps you increase the learning speech up to 4- 5 times than learning the separated words. Besides, by this way, students can get a grammar better.
– When you see a new word, lets write all of the sentences. When you learn, you should always learn all of the groups or sentences, do not read only word.
– Collect groups of word
– Have a notebook for group word collection
– Always review and practice every day.

2. Do not focus on Grammar
– Grammar helps you have a high mark in the exam in school, but can not turn you into a good communication person. Do not focus on grammar too much because it makes you slower. The rule teaches you how to speak, a right structure, but in fact, when communicating, you can be wrong. As long as you make listener understand, you are successful.

3. Listening
Learning English is not taking a book and reading. Language is the human sound and learning language is a kind of imitation. So how to imitate a sound? Reading book? No, you need to listen, listen and listen. You should start a language with your ear, not your eyes. Therefore, throw your boring book right now and open some favorite English shows!

4. Slowly and deeply
Learning a language is a long process, even when you are really hurry, you still need to be patient. When learning a sentence and unit, you should make sure that you can remember it even in the next 5 days or 5 mouths or 5 years. It means you must take it into your brain, not learn and forget. I am learning Korean now, I love Korean and want to speak quickly. However, after 2 years, I still can not communicate. What is my problem? I learn and I foget. It seems ridiculous, but yes, it is. I am so hurry, I learn unit 1 to unit 2 and 3,4,5, as long as I can keep the speech. And now I foget anything, I need to come back. That is my problem. Therefore, you need to make sure remember it before learning another.

5. Listening and answering, not repeating
The most popular method in school is listening and repeating. What is the purpose of this method? You will repeat the question of another to communicate? No, I think you need to understand and answer that question, right? That is a reason why you need to practice answering instead of repeating. Use the lesson from listening and answering stories or hear some real conversation on video to practice by yourself. You also find a friend and practice with him/ her. That is the best way for you to improve your Engish.

In conclusion, the are some tips for learning a new language. If you still get difficulties in vocabulary or listening, do not give up. Your effort will be paid with the worthy result

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