Pillow and sleeping position: how to change them ?

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Whatever position you choose to fall asleep, you will change between 30 and 40 times per night. At each sleeping position, the ratio of the body to the pillow is different.

The neck is quartered as the changes take place, between the head and the body. Muscles like vertebrae are found hostage. These perpetual changes of position, your pillow must be able to accompany them without forgetting to support your heavy head, night after night. Because every sleeping position calls for a different pillow, this comparative test will help you understand and most importantly, choose the right pillow for sleeping. Fidn out the best pillow for side sleepers, click here https://sidesleeperreviews.com

1 Sleeping on the side?

The Sleep Position
This sleep position is apparently the most popular (68%).
Sleeping is done on the side, as is the deep sleep phase. Beyond, changes of positions are frequent and the sleep rather restless.

To sleep on the side, the pillow is essential:
It makes it possible to close the gap between the neck and the mattress. It keeps your head and your cervical vertebrae and guarantees their alignment. In doing so, it guarantees your back a natural position. Visit sidesleeperreviews.com to read more about Side Sleeper Reviews.

The board pillow to sleep on the side
To make the alignment of your vertebrae perfect, the good pillow to sleep on the side must accumulate 3 Qualities:
• Top to fill the space between the head and the mattress
To choose the pillow, check:
– Shoulder width: The larger the shoulders, the higher the pillow.
– The elasticity of the mattress: The closer your mattress, the less your body sinks and the higher the pillow. And reciprocally.
• A firm pillow
So that the pillow does not sag under the weight of the head and compromises this indispensable alignment
• A pillow in the appropriate shape,
Which fits the curve of the head and neck to optimize your sleeping position and keep it all night long.

The practical pillow board:
The shape memory cervical pillow adapts perfectly to the requirements of the position on the side.
Combining the 3 qualities mentioned above, this cervical pillow in the shape of a wave conscientiously fills the space between the nape of the neck and mattress and ensures a natural position to your cervical spine.
Place a cushion, an ergonomic cushion for example, between the knees helps to align the spine with the pelvis and legs. This promotes relaxation of your body and limits changes in position that are detrimental to sleep quality.

2 Sleeping on your back?
The Sleep Position
Studies show that in this position, sleep is peaceful and the sleeper is not moving.
Unfortunately, only 13% of our congeners enjoy this sleeping position. While sleeping on the back is very comfortable and involves a significantly better quality of sleep.

Some explanations for this serenity:
• The weight of the sleeper is better distributed over the whole body
• The position of its spine is more natural
• It does not undergo too much anatomical stress on the back and neck
That said, sleeping on the back without a pillow implies that the head pulls backwards and the neck is weakened.
The board pillow to sleep on the back

A good pillow to sleep on the back:
• A pillow lower than if you slept on the side: medium pillow and mid high so that your column resumes position and your muscles relax.
• A pillow firm enough for head, shoulders and neck to be supported effectively
• A pillow that is sufficiently flexible to allow sufficient head sinking and to promote a slight elongation of the cervical spine, conducive to the opening of the airways.

The practical pillow board:
The ergonomic shape memory pillow is suitable for this position. Ergonomic, it ensures the seat of your neck and the relaxation of your muscles.

Flexible, it clears unnecessary pressures and welcomes you comfortably
Avoid as much as possible pillows that are too thick. By exerting pressure on your cervical, they break the harmony of the sleeping position.

With a thin pillow under your neck and a big under your knees, like the cushion legs, you decrease the arch of the kidneys and gain access to more relaxation and comfort. You can also add a back cushion back for the absolute wellness of your lumbar.

For frequent changes of position

If you change regularly from sleeping position, the vegetable pillow into spelled ball is ideal.
The padding of this cervical vegetal pillow molds precisely the curve of your neck and accompanies you whatever the position adopted.

Faithful, it respects your morphology throughout the night. With it, sleep gains in quality and the awakening becomes lighter.

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