The Leading Causes and Harmful Effects of Water Source Pollution !

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According to the World Health Organization, currently, 80 percent of diseases in the developing countries is related to water resources and the living environment. How to protect the domestic water source is an urgent problem. Thus, a long-term strategy is to provide safer drinking water that is treated as well as adequate sanitation. Besides, the short-term strategy is to use the simple method of water treatment at households such as water purification or boiling water by heat.

Moreover, the best reverse osmosis system is a cost-saving and efficient solution. You can use the water filtration system to produce and meet the demand for clean water daily. This system also reduces the hazardous substances, which protects the health of your family without spending too much time, money and effort.

But first, we need to understand the causes leading to contaminated water sources and the harmful effects of water pollution to raise awareness of water protection.

The cause of contaminated water
Along with the development of society, the speed of industrialization and urbanization took place quickly and the growing population pressures on the water resources in the territory. The water environment in many urban areas, industrial zones and trade villages is increasingly contaminated by waste water, waste gas and solid waste.
In the major cities and densely populated areas, municipal waste is also an important reason causing water pollution. Even more, water pollution due to industrial production is severe. The contamination status in urban areas is increasing. In parallel, the sewage and domestic waste are not treated radically, which is directly discharged into the receiving water (rivers, lakes, canals).

On the other hand, there are many production facilities as well as the majority of large hospitals and health care facilities do not have waste water treatment systems. Therefore, a significant amount of solid waste in the city cannot be collected altogether, which are all the main sources of water source pollution.

The most notable thing is the shortcomings in the management and protection of the environment. The awareness of environmental management agencies, organizations, and individuals that are responsible for the task of protecting the water environment is not full depth.

Most people are still skeptical and not aware that water pollution directly endangers to the daily life of human beings as well as the sustainable development of the country. Besides, the consequences of this persistent problem are difficult to overcome.

Harmful effects of water source pollution
A common result of water pollution is that the incidence of acute and chronic diseases is increasing. These health issues are related to water contamination including conjunctivitis, diarrhea, cancer and so on.
People living around contaminated areas suffer from many diseases, which is suspected that they used dirty water in all activities of life. Additionally, the water source pollution also causes significant loss to the business and production sector as well as the household aquaculture.

The scientific studies of water pollution also show that if using arsenic affected water for drinking or cleaning, people can have cancer, especially skin cancer. The patients with long-term infection of lead can have kidney disease, even some health issues related to neurology. Other people with a long-term infection of Ammonium, Nitrate, Nitrite can get the risk of skin diseases, anemia, even cancer.

The bleaching agents such as xenon peroxide, sodium percarbonate can cause respiratory infections. The combination of oxalate and calcium produces calcium oxalate that is the primary cause of kidney pain and gallstones.
Bacteria, the parasite causes all kinds of gastrointestinal diseases and helminth infections. Heavy metals such as titanium, iron, lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, zinc and so on are the leading causes of neuropathy, kidney, urinary system, osteoarthritis, anemia. The organic compound, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, growth stimulants, food preservatives, phosphorus and another toxic cause poisoning, hepatitis, nausea.

After all, clean water and fresh air are essential for a healthy life. Therefore, we need to protect water resources as well as use a suitable filtration system to clean water for using.

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