The uses of chainsaws and our test on the best chainsaw !

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The uses of chainsaws are very diverse, as we have seen above, depending on their modes of supply (electrical or thermal) they have different uses.

Moreover, the chainsaw is an extremely efficient cutting tool for logging activities such as logging, delimbing, pruning, firewood flow, and many others. The manufacturers of these devices have developed a wide range of models suitable for all situations. To carry out small work at home, a light and handy electric chainsaw will be sufficient. On the other hand, for intensive use, it would be best to invest in a thermal model with much better power and a longer chain guide length. In this article we will discuss about types of chainsaws and our chainsaw reviews.

There are three types of chainsaws: the electric chainsaw, the chainsaw and the battery saws (which comes close to the electric).

The electric chainsaw
Electric chainsaws are proven to be the most handy thanks to their light weight (no energy source to transport). This makes it the ideal tool for climbing in trees cutting a few branches, or for carrying out work on large surfaces.
Indeed, it is the appropriate equipment to carry out efficiently gardening and pruning at home. With this type of chainsaw, you can saw logs, pruning bushes, cutting down small trees and maintaining their shape, airing woods, and with great ease of movement. Unfortunately this freedom had to be limited: indeed the scope of this chainsaw is limited to the length of your extension. If you can not bring power where you need to do your work this device will be useless.

However, the cutting power of these machines is remarkable since their power varies between 1400 to 2000W depending on the model. The electric chainsaw is low noise, non-polluting and requires little maintenance.

The chainsaw

The most popular chainsaws are often used for larger jobs. If you have trees to shoot or big trunk to cut it is the device you will need. Be careful, however, to choose the cutting length you need.

As a result, the cutting lengths vary from 22 to 90 cm. The advantage of these devices is that they have good battery life with a good power to weight ratio. Unlike the electric chainsaw, the chainsaw is sound, polluting and requires careful maintenance.

The battery saws
Battery-operated chainsaws are suitable for spot work and small cuts. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, these chainsaws have a limited range and the same advantages of the electric chain saw, that is, low noise, non-polluting and easy to use and transport. Its only disadvantage lies in the length of the guide which is limited by the low power.

Regardless of the type of chain saw you use, protections are essential, including the use of face helmets to prevent projection in the face, non-slip work gloves, adjusted clothing with anti-cutting reinforcements, and safety shoes. Before use, it is important to carefully read the user manual to avoid any incidents during your work.

Our test of Black & Decker GK2240T chainsaw 40cc

The Black & Decker GK2240T is a wired electric chainsaw. During his test, we noticed some advantages and disadvantages related to the product. Here is our feeling:

Why use this chainsaw?

Its advantages deserve to be stated: First of all, the Black & Decker GK2240T electric chainsaw is very powerful and easy to make cuts.

In terms of quality / price, it is one of the best chainsaws on the market with the Einhell RG-EC2240 and Dolmar ES-42A.

With its 2,200-watt motor, the chain is able to rotate at 12.5 m / s and is one of the most powerful electrics. Since the maximum cutting length is 36cm, it cut without any difficulty logs 30 cm in diameter. This model is suitable for all heavy work, namely the size of the trees or the cutting of the logs.

Using the automatic oil pump, the cutting performance is remarkable. In fact, the pump constantly lubricates the chain to prevent it from overheating.

This electric chainsaw also offers a better grip in the wood thanks to the metal claw with five teeth which allows to be fixed to the log to be cut.

On safety, the chain brake at the guard stops in less than 0.15 seconds after trigger tripping. The pre-mounted chain on the guide prevents the user from turning it upside down after each use. Basically, this model is very comfortable to use and very handy.

The disadvantages of the GK2240T
The Black & Decker GK2240T 40cc Electric Chainsaw also has its share of disadvantages.

Concerning the cutting performance, it is lessened on hard woods like acacia because it is not powerful enough. Since the oil tank is not watertight, automatic lubrication sometimes leaves traces of oil on the chain saw.

I also had a lot of returns because of the parts that broke quickly on this model, Black & Decker exchanges if the warranty is still valid but it is still embarrassing to have an important piece broken after a few Uses only.
Despite these few critical points, Black & Decker’s GK22540 T chainsaw remains among the most used models.

Our opinion

Having only used this chainsaw for a few hours for my test I did not realize all its weaknesses. That said, you were many to contact me to point out the problems (serious times) that presented this model.
So I think this is not the best model of the brand and I will not recommend it. If you want to find a machine of the same kind we advise you rather the RG-EC 2240 MG of Einhell which is even cheaper.

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