What do you find in the Black and Decker LST136W String trimmer ?

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It is necessary for gardeners to have a string trimmer. Every job from grassy lawns, garden beds, driveways and even pesky weeds can be quickly solved with a strimmer. Nowadays, there is so many weed eater in the market; you may get some confusion when choosing a best string trimmer for the yard. Let’s us introduce to you one of the best product – LST136W.

The Black and Decker LST136W String trimmer?

– BLACK AND DECKER LST136W is an excellent balance between performance, effectiveness, battery longevity, power, and affordability. It belongs to the cordless trimmer product line, so it is very convenience. There is not limited to you about the length of the garden. With a 40-volt rechargeable battery which is compatible with all of B&D lithium-ion battery system, this new design is promised to cut efficiency. This product provides us the Power and Command dial which allows you to know and adjust the level of power.

If in your garden, there are thick grass and brush, you can set it to maximum power and then you can change it to the light level to save energy. This is the excellent feature that you can get more power and control it for your work.

LST136W 40V Battery System

The battery system of the product has a real-time LED system, so you can accurately know how much power in your battery when you work. You can get about 30 minutes if you trim on the highest power setting. However, on the lowest level, you can get the time of run up to one hour. This is one of the disadvantages of this machine, there are no much time for you when using this trimmer, so if your garden is little big, there is some trouble with this. However, Do not worry! I recommend a second battery which is superior for you to get more time. You will need it with a large yard.

Luckily, Although the trimmer has a short time of usage, it comes with a fast charger. With can get a full battery if you recharge it in under two hours. This is a short time for a busy person.

Great Design Features

The Black and Decker LST316 has some special features which are a proprietary transmission. One of them is “ PowerDrive.” In fact, this mechanism will optimize the power between the motor and cutting string as well as optimize the amount of the power that it delivers.

Besides, the machine also has an automated feeding spool; this part allows feeding the trimmer line everytime it needs. For other product, there is difficult to start and stop while you are working, but with this design, the machine can make your workflow smoother.

Moreover, the weight of this weed eater is quite light; it is coming in the right under 8Ibs. When using this trimmer, you do not spend a lot of energy to bring it to the yard. This is a battery string trimmer, so you do need a lot of time to mix the oil and gas for it or get tangled in extension cords. With under two hours for charging, you can move it around the garden.

Drawback of LST136W

– With a slender design, this trimmer can not handle thick weed or tough brush, although this is a powerful machine. To deal this problem, you must usually take care your yard, and remove the brush before trimming by LST136W.
– Battery life is too short, just 30 minutes in the high power level and one hour in low power level. This little time can make the user uncomfortable if they want extended time periods.
– The spool intends to feed more line than its need, so sometimes, there is some waste.

In conclusion, these are advantages and disadvantages of BLACK AND DECKER LST136W. What do you think about this product? Although there are some downsides, this machine is promised to be the useful tool in your home.

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