What You Need To Know About the Windshield ?

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It’s not too complicated, but the windshield is a very important part of the car. In addition to the wind, dust, and rain, it is also involved in increasing the rigidity of the vehicle structure and protecting passengers in all crash situations. The common scenario that breaks the windshield on your car is that you go to a rock or road you are going to have many crushed stones.See more information here

Only a small stone from the tire of the car before you go too close enough to leave a dull white or cloudy “bird’s foot” on the steering wheel. With different factors affecting the car glass can crack or break with the vestiges of different shapes. Shatter cracks may have a buffalo eye shape (like a cone-shaped cone that starts at the point of impact, forming a dark rim around the impact point), star-shaped crack synthetic cracks (with small fracture, short stretches… ). Need to replace a new glasses will be the first thought appears in your head. But do not rush to decide, in some cases, if the crack is not too big or does not affect the visibility of the driver, crack cure treatment by the healing method will save you money compared to Change the new glasses.

Important notes before cracks are processed
• When the windshield is cracked or broken, you should try to keep it cracked by declaring it to prevent dirt and water from entering. Thus, the crack breaks ensure transparency after welding.
• Limit your vehicle. Use as little car as possible before you bring your car to the store for inspection. Fluctuations and temperature variations can quickly turn the tiny “cracks” all the way into the glass.
• Do not touch the crack. In addition to the sharpness, the lubricant from your hands will reduce the repairing effect and sometimes just slightly touches the cracks.
• Do not collapse the door or trunk. The vacuum inside the cabin will create unexpected pressure on the steering wheel. Lower a window glass to avoid this situation.
• Temperature changes can make the situation worse. If possible, avoid getting wet and do not heat the glass. One of these moves will trigger cracks due to the change in temperature between the two glasses. Avoid parking in direct sunlight for the reasons mentioned above. Find a garage to park until you have finished.

The process of welding glass crack
The dimples (less than 3cm in diameter and not too deep), glass welding is a solution that saves time and money, ensuring transparency, retaining the original glass of the car. Typically, glass welders will use a drill, a small drill bit (larger than a drilling head) to drill a 1.5mm drill to prevent further cracking, and then use special gluing tools. Hole drilled, this glue penetrates all the crack on the glass, to dry grinding flat is finished. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the cure and the cracks are almost invisible, with only a 1 mm hole remaining on the glass. The price is quite soft compared to replacing the new glasses. In addition, these cracks can often be repaired with a synthetic resin material that is injected into the cracked area (as long as it is not in sight of the driver). This new material is usually processed through a process involving the action of ultraviolet light. Sometimes it is possible to weld longer cracks as long as there is no more than one crack to the edge of the glass. In order to perform this process, it is necessary to have specialized equipment and materials, which are a special adhesive with vacuum sealer and drying equipment and glue hardening equipment.

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