Which epilator for nickel legs ?

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Finally ! Your legs are released from the pantyhose and other leggings, your skin breathes, but … Horror, woe, a soft down, or worse, real hairs cover your skin, and you shudder completely to shame. So much so that you do not dare go out bare legs. Invest your smart coin in the best epilator 2017 this summer.

Do not do anything with your hair!

Keep calm, and above all, do not run on the first razor come, your hair will grow fatter. No, opt for a durable solution – a very trendy word – for three to four weeks: hair removal.

Remove your hairs and bulb, as this can weaken your hair and lift legs smooth for several days, unlike shaving, fast, but full of inconvenience.

How do you tweeze?

Invest in a good epilator, and tense the skin of the area to be tweezed. Lightly press the appliance you are using as if you want to massage the part to be tweezed.

It is better to dry your skin thoroughly to depilate or even to tickle it to avoid pinching (under the armpits for example) and to alleviate the pain.

To make your life even simpler, we put our pillows to the test of the test. Discover the opinions of our ultra-courageous testers: everything goes, price, ergonomics, practicality, pain, effectiveness … Arguments to better know which epilator to choose.

The epilator that does not hurt

Calor’s Soft Extreme ™ promises to epilate without suffering, thanks to a technology that acts on the sensation of pulling off the hair and the resulting warm-up. How? An ultra vibrating system titillates nerve endings that feel the pain, as to blur the signal “attention we will pull the hair”! Then a breath of air soothes the depilated area.

What part of the body did you test it for?

• On the whole legs.
• On the legs, and under the armpits.

Are you cozy, and have you suffered?

As for hair removal, I am extremely cozy. It would be lying to say that I did not get hurt, but I must confess, less than with the other epilators I could try. And this, even on some places usually painful in me (back of the thigh for example).

On the calves and under the arms, I’m not at all cozy. On the other hand, on the back of the knees and the thighs, it gets hard! The effect of this epilator is not magic, but there, the usual disagreeable sensation is mitigated.

The most, the least

Convenient, super powerful light! This epilator reduces the pain felt for hair removal but what is it noisy!

I like his head that fits the shapes to depilate, but the wire does not facilitate the gesture. The price remains reasonable I find.

The epilator used in the shower

The Silk-épil of Braun, one knew, but version 7, the SkinSpa, promises a more effective epilation after an exfoliation of the skin. With the soft and vibrating brush, it exfoliates in the shower. With the epilation head, the hair is removed and the skin is massaged at the same time.

What part of the body did you test it for?

• On the legs, ankles up to the knee.
• On the legs, underarms and a bit the jersey.
Are you cozy, and have you suffered?

I am not cozy and so I have not suffered. The effect of the vibrations of the epilator and the fact that it is used under water removes (almost) the pain.

Little cozy … up to the knees, higher up, it’s Corsican! On the legs, I found this epilator very soft, but on the shirt I had trouble handling it without it pinching the skin even when stretching.

The most and the least

Top the light that illuminates the shadow areas. And head the epilator to follow the areas like the knee bump. But … if you have a few fine and short hairs, you have to iron the tweezers to catch them.

Side exfoliation, it’s nice in the shower. Side epilation, the device is very handy (except for the jersey), and not 100% effective on the bristles to the skin. The price brakes me a little to invest …

The mini-price epilator

25 years that Philips epilates us with the hair with its range Satinelle! Its promise remains immutable: epilation with precision and softness thanks to a small and ergonomic device. This year, an interchangeable shaving head is added to the epilator kit. In 2013, it had a new look.

What part of the body did you test it for?

• The thighs
• The calves

Are you cozy, and have you suffered?

I am not cozy, but the thigh remains a rather sensitive area. Especially when, like me, we never shaved but always shaved. To be honest, the first few seconds were quite unpleasant, because my hair was long and thin. However, my skin quickly became accustomed and, from the first session, we no longer feel picnicking.

I’m afraid of the hair pulling. But I did not hurt because my hairs are short. However, precisely, they seem too short for this device, and the result is not clear enough.

The most and the least

Unsophisticated, it is efficient and easy to use, but I especially appreciated its price!

I think the camera is a bit noisy, but it is super handy and small. This is convenient.

The ergonomic epilator

Small and round, the Babyliss Isyliss gets carried away everywhere. It can be used on mains or wireless with an autonomy of about 40 minutes and includes a hood that allows reducing the surface of depilation, for the more sensitive areas.

What part of the body did you test it for?

• On all the legs.
• On the half-legs.

Are you cozy, and have you suffered?

No, I’m not particularly cozy. So on the half-legs, no worries, but on the back of the thighs, on the other hand, I confess that I pulled the skin well to minimize the sensations …

On the calves, I’m super used. Also, with this type of small device, I no longer feel anything.

The most and the least

I have very thin points, and the camera does not take them all. It is necessary to pass and to iron again and to pass to obtain a result almost convincing. But at least, the device is small, and not very expensive.

I like her shape and her lightness. You can take it on the weekend, for example. I also like the fact that it can be used wirelessly. On the other hand, its effectiveness is not at the top, perhaps because of the number of clamps? And it has to be recharged long time to reuse it wirelessly.

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